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COVID-19 has exposed the cracks in our health care system and left many concerned about what the future will look like for health in Canada. If better care is a priority for you, join thousands of Canadians from across the country who are speaking up for change. Become a CMA Health Advocate, and together we’ll advocate for better care today for all Canadians and a more sustainable system for future generations.

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Emerging issues

Learn about the emerging issues that are challenging our health care system and the innovative policies and practices needed to overcome them
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Surveys and feedback tools

Access surveys and feedback tools to share your health care concerns and help shape our community’s advocacy priorities
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Advocacy campaigns

Participate in advocacy campaigns aimed at amplifying your voice, sent straight to decision-makers — your elected representatives — so they know what health care priorities are important to you
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Progress updates

Get updates on the progress we’re making, both as a community and as a country, with tools like our Promise Tracker and new ways to take action
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