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The Results Are In: Fall Prevention Polls

Throughout November, we asked for your feedback on issues related to fall prevention to better understand where our readers were coming from. Here are the results!

A total of 1,549 people responded to the survey; 76% of those who responded were seniors, and an additional 12% were both seniors and informal caregivers. Eight percent of respondents identified themselves just as informal caregivers, and 3%identified themselves as health care providers.

Most respondents (90%) indicated they have some degree of concern about falling. The majority of people said they have either a poor (28%) or fair (50%) familiarity with fall prevention methods. When asked about how frequently they engage in physical activity, 28% said they were active two days a week, 12% one day a week, 11%  five days a week, 10%  seven days a week, 9% three days a week and 6% six days a week; 13% said they are never physically active. The most popular forms of activity were walking and tai chi.

If you are concerned about falling — whether a little or a lot, for yourself or someone you love — you can always go back and familiarize yourself with content like our Experts in the Field piece from contributing editor Dr. Eoghan O’Shea, where he discusses awareness and risk minimization. Our infographic titled Fall Prevention in Images is great as a quick reference about some common causes of falls and what you can do to lower your risk — you can even print a copy and tack it up on a wall or your fridge as a reminder. Another useful article to keep handy is our list of fall prevention resources; it includes information on community programs and physical activity planning, and so much more.

There are always ways to stay informed and help keep yourself and your loved ones safe. For your own peace of mind (and theirs) take a moment to review some of our fall prevention articles as a potential starting point for how to go about easing your concerns.

Thanks to all our supporters who took the time to answer our polls!