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Health Care Must Be a Priority in the Upcoming Federal Election

In early 2019, the CMA had a series of discussions with physicians and members of the public from coast to coast, both in person and online. Canadian doctors and patients alike made themselves clear in expressing their concern about the future of our health care system. The most prominent concerns were access to doctors, long wait times and the need for health care to evolve with the needs of seniors.

The CMA is standing behind Canadians, dedicated to advocating for the positive changes and future planning that you all want to see. You are at the heart of the CMA’s federal election advocacy. Many voices are louder than just one; we are all Health Advocates.

Health care must be a priority in the upcoming federal election, and the CMA is dedicated to pushing the issue to the forefront of the MPs’ and candidates’ attention. There are several specific areas of focus. These include: 

  • seniors care
  • access to care
  • virtual care
  • youth mental health
  • climate change and health
  • pharmacare

When looked at broadly, these areas of focus have the potential to affect all Canadians, and addressing these issues effectively is in the best interest of the entire population.

This public engagement platform will continue to evolve as the election campaign evolves. To start off, the platform will focus on three of the priorities listed above: seniors care, access to care and virtual health. You will find here all the information you need to understand why these three areas are our initial primary focus, what our recommendations are and how they affect the experience of health care.  You will be able to read stories — first-hand accounts and interviews with doctors and your peers — that explore these issues and how they affect both the delivery and experience of medical care. But this forum is here not only to present the conversation, but also to continue it beyond the election. Let this be a springboard for you to speak up, too; take advantage of the opportunity to steer conversations to the issues that matter to you. Share this forum with your friends and start the conversation in different circles. Speak, be heard and keep the conversation going.