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Creating affordable and supportive housing strategies for seniors (podcast)

When it comes to finding supportive housing, affordability can be an enormous challenge for seniors. 

In fact, living in a private retirement home can cost as much as $7,000 a month.

At that price tag, it’s no wonder the waiting list for long-term care in Ontario is so long. 

That’s where communities like the Bruyère Village come in.

Opened in 2012 just outside Ottawa, this innovative housing model provides seniors with an economically sustainable array of much-needed services—bridging the gap between independent living and long-term care. 

Life at Bruyère Village comes at a much lower cost: in fact, living in the Village can cost as little as $2,100 a month, and seniors’ rental fees may be even lower if they qualify for financial assistance under an Affordable Housing Program.

In this podcast, Dr. John Joanisse speaks with Dr. Clare Liddy and Amy Porteous of Bruyère about:

  • how innovative care providers created Bruyère Village,
  • the many health and social benefits for seniors living in a location offering a community-based continuum of care,
  • how thinking innovatively about housing and seniors care can mean significant savings for both government and seniors, and
  • how creating networks between family physicians and specialists has improved the patient experience. 

In the podcast you can also learn about another exciting local initiative in senior health care, now expanding across Ontario: the Champlain BASE™ (Building Access to Specialists through eConsultation) eConsult service

Listen to the podcast below (28 minutes):