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Health care systems in Canada have been slipping for years, with gaps only growing wider during the pandemic. Scaling up team-based primary care so patients can get the health outcomes they deserve should be a key priority. Send a letter to your elected representatives advocating for better access to primary care today!

Getting access to the healthcare you need.

For years the health care system has been struggling, and the situation has been made worse by the pandemic with increased workforce shortages, backlogs and wait times for patients and burnout and exhaustion of health care providers. We believe that federal leaders must step up and take action to repair the foundations of health care.

To help shape the future of primary care, our policy-makers need to understand your experience and health care priorities. Use the tool below to send a letter to your elected representatives today sharing your story and calling on them to support the CMA’s recommendations for improving primary care access.

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Key Stats

Over 15% of Canadians aged 12 and over do not have a regular health care provider.  (Statistics Canada, Canadian Community Health Survey 2018)

Clearing the backlog of procedures caused by COVID-19 will require more than $1.3B in additional funding (Deloitte, 2020).

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What Canada’s doctors are recommending

What can the federal government do?

• Deliver on its commitment to invest in a team-based, interprofessional approach to primary care that would connect the various care delivery points in the community for each patient and build a strong, supportive network of family physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, mental health professionals, social workers and other health professionals.

What can you do?

• Send a letter to your Member of Parliament to let them know you support action by the government that will ensure Canadians have access to the care they need.

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Help improve Access to Primary Care For All Canadians! Email Your Elected officials Today!

If better access to primary care is important to you, send a letter to your Member of Parliament advocating for investment in a team-based approach to primary care that will result in better overall health for patients and a more efficient system. We encourage you to connect with your local representative to share your experience — your story is a powerful tool!

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