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Canadians need better access to care.

In the Internet age, we can dramatically improve Canadians’ health and access to care by adopting new, secure health care technologies that allow for virtual consultations. If you agree, call on your MP to support better access to care today, become a supporter.
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Did you know that while only one in 10 Canadians had a virtual care visit or consultation in 2018, seven in 10 reported they would take the opportunity if it was available to them?

Virtual care is not a substitute for in-person consultations, but rather a complement. It’s a convenient and timely way for patients to access health care providers. For patients in rural or remote communities, virtual care is a way to access services that may not be available near their home. For patients with mobility issues, it’s a way to access care without further compromising their health. And for patients seeking the best care available, it’s a way to consult with specialists outside of their province or territory.

Virtual care can significantly improve the health of Canadians, but there remain too many barriers to make it happen.

  • Physicians often have limited access to electronic patient records and test results.
  • Because virtual visits are not recognized as an insurable health service, physicians are limited in their ability to provide them in and out of their province or territory.
  • Most physicians are not licensed to provide care outside of their home province or territory.
CMA’s Policy Recommendations:

What can our federal government do?

To lead the way in health care innovation and improve Canadians’ health and their access to care, CMA Health Advocates are calling on our federal government to make the following policy recommendations a top priority:

  • Commit to increasing funding to assist the connectivity and interoperability of virtual care, ultimately enhancing communication between patients, their physicians and our health facilities.
  • Commit to establishing a national license to enable physicians to deliver patient care through technology everywhere in Canada.
  • Commit to establishing a national Digital Health Literacy Secretariat to address the country’s health digital divide.
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