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Advocacy Toolkit

Advocacy doesn’t just happen online; it’s on your porch step when a candidate comes knocking, at a spaghetti dinner fundraiser, outside grocery stores where candidates want to introduce themselves. There’s nothing like being face to face to tell candidates in your riding what matters to you. As a CMA Health Advocate, you have access to our Advocacy Toolkit — your one-stop shop, with everything you need to help you be the most effective on-the-ground advocate you can be. Here’s a breakdown of the things you’ll find in the toolkit:

Download Tips for conversation

Tips for conversation: Candidates are busy people; sometimes it can be tricky to catch their attention. Download our list of tips for engaging your candidate in meaningful conversation about health care, to help you understand their intentions for putting health care back on the agenda.

Download Questions for your candidate

Questions for your candidate: Planning to go to an event in your community to see a candidate in person? Download the list of questions to ask your candidate so that you can find out how they plan to address your health care concerns.

Download the CMA Health Advocates poster or  download in black & white

CMA Health Advocates poster: Let everyone know you support health care as a top priority in the election. Download and print this poster (available in black and white and in colour) to display in your window.

Download the Facebook photo frame

Facebook photo frame: Because sometimes our community is online, we’ve created a Facebook display photo frame as a way to share your passion with your friends. Download these simple step-by-step instructions, explaining how to set up the CMA Health Advocates photo frame on Facebook.