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Virtual Care

Family with two special-needs children embraces virtual care during pandemic

Virtual care went from something the Pots’ had never done before to something they were doing all the time. It saves the family time and energy by eliminating entire days of exhausting travel.
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The doctor can see you now

COVID-19 is pushing patients like Sarah Fletcher to turn to virtual care. See what her experience has been and learn how you can prepare for an e-consult.
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Virtual Care in the New Brunswick Election

In a province where it’s estimated more than 44,000 people are without a family doctor, it’s no surprise that health care and virtual care emerged as important issues during the provincial election in New Brunswick.
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Virtual reality: one patient’s story of her virtual care experience

This shift to virtual care, brought on by the pandemic, has highlighted the need for better connectivity across Canada, particularly in rural communities where Internet service is slow or unavailable.
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Spotlight: Dr. Clare Liddy, Accelerating Seniors’ Access to Specialists

Dr. Claire Liddy discusses the eConsult model and how it helps patients.
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What is technological literacy?

What is technological literacy? According to our research and Students for Seniors’ technology tutoring experience over the last three years, it is the ability, curiosity and attitude to confidently explore and discover new and existing technologies and to use them to enhance one’s lifestyle.
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CMA Health Summit Spotlight: Zayna Khayat

After a year in the Netherlands, working as “Innovation Sherpa in Chief” at the REShape Health Innovation Centre, Zayna Khayat returned to Canada in January with a fresh perspective on what that future could look like.
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Ottawa setting up online tool to help caregivers help veterans

Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr announced July 12 that Saint Elizabeth Health Care in Ottawa has been awarded a contract worth approximately $383,000 to design, develop and deliver an e-learning program for caregivers of Canadian veterans.
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Remote Monitoring Technology Can Help Seniors Breathe Easier

Breathing conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are a major cause of hospital admissions in Canada.
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Virtual Care in the North

Dr. Norman Smith, an emergency physician, sees the value of virtual care firsthand in his work in Inuvik, the Northwest Territories, where he is responsible for seven small communities.
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The Future of Virtual Care: Support and Care for Seniors in the Comfort of Home

Just over a decade ago, Dr. Clare Liddy, a family doctor with The Ottawa Hospital Academic Family Health Team, and endocrinologist Dr. Erin Keely collaborated with the Bruyère Research Institute to develop a digital tool called eConsult.
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Health Care Must Be a Priority in the Upcoming Federal Election

The CMA is standing behind Canadians, dedicated to advocating for the positive changes and future planning that you all want to see. You are at the heart of the CMA’s federal election advocacy. Many voices are louder than just one; we are all Health Care Advocates.
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