Canadians and their physicians from coast to coast to coast are speaking up. They’re calling on politicians from all political parties to make health and health care a top priority in this year’s federal election. If health and health care matter to you, become a CMA Health Advocate today! Together, we can put health back on the agenda.

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Thousands of Canadians are standing together in support of better health care services.

Together, we can improve health and health care for all Canadians. Join the movement.
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It’s time to put health back on the agenda.

Our health care system was designed over a half-century ago and has not kept pace with the increasingly complex needs of our growing and aging population. We need government action today! Join thousands of Canadians calling on our federal government to put health care back on the agenda!

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Our Issues. Our Health.

We are Canada's Health Advocates. We're calling on our federal leaders to take action to ensure our health care system can deliver the care Canadians need today while being sustainable for future generations. If health and health care matter to you, join the movement and become a CMA Health Advocate today!

George and Marie want to see a national seniors strategy implemented.
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Jessica is advocating for better access to health care providers.
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Paola believes physicians should be able to care for patients across provinces.
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James wants access to virtual care consultations and digital health care.
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Join thousands of Canadians who are advocating for better health and health care.

Together, we can put health back on the agenda.

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Stand with Canada's physicians and their colleagues.

To ensure our health care system meets patients’ needs today and in the future, physicians, health care providers, governments and patients will have to work together. Hear what CMA president Dr. Sandy Buchman says about building a stronger health care system for everyone, in every community.

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